NOMOS Glashütte launches three new timepieces in the Campus series

In the first year of the school season, with a new semester, new goals, and a new look, I hopefully embarked on another broad journey. In this season of extraordinary significance, NOMOS Glashütte launched three new timepieces in the Campus series.rolex fake Based on the original three manual-winding watches, three new automatic models have been developed. The design is full of youth and vitality. Created by high-spirited college students entering a new stage of life. In order to commemorate the important starting point in life, it is also to bless the self that will continue to grow in the future.

All Campus watches are hand-made in Glashütte. The traditional craftsmanship with attention to detail is integrated into the outstanding design concept of the watch, which is in line with the students' meticulous and persevering attitude towards learning. Whether it is a gift to new students or students wearing themselves, the timeless quality of the watch will become precious with the passing of the years, and this youthful memory belonging to the beginning of the school season will be collected forever.

The three new automatic watches have built-in innovative and slim neomatik automatic movement DUW 3001, which is about half the thickness of other automatic movements in the same kind of watch. The lightweight shape is full of vigor; at the same time,replica panerai it uses advanced modern research and production technology. NOMOS self-made escapement system greatly improves the efficiency and precision of the watch. The precise movement of the movement is as meticulous as the science students, the unique dial is also the flexibility of the liberal arts students, and it is a combination of liberal arts and science. It is the broad knowledge held by modern students and the excellent quality presented by the Campus series.

Continuing from the sporty Club series, the new Campus series timepieces are youthful, dynamic, low-key yet ingenious, decorating every aspect of college life appropriately. Whether it's wearing a formal dress to participate in a defense, or wearing casual clothes to participate in colorful school activities, the Campus series can be competent to showcase the personal charm of youthful college students.

The case is made of stainless steel and a sapphire crystal glass whose strength is second only to diamonds. It is not afraid of various impacts and has excellent waterproof performance. The new automatic model can be waterproof to a depth of 200 meters. For modern students who are not confined to books, when they walk out of the classroom and library and enjoy various outdoor sports activities, the new automatic watch of the Campus series is still a sturdy and reliable companion.