Certina launches DS-1 80-hour long power special edition watch

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the birth of DS dual insurance technology, Certina launched the Himalayan series of special edition big date watches. This new watch with anti-magnetic technology also symbolizes the reliable quality that the brand has adhered to for 60 years. The retro and fashionable Milanese steel chain, the thick and deep green dial,replica watches and the large date window at six o'clock clearly and easily are exquisite and dynamic.

Power reserve refers to the time that a mechanical watch can run after being fully wound, usually 38 to 42 hours. The Powermatic 80 movement makes 80 hours of power reserve possible! So, before winding the watch again, you can leave it for three days if you don’t wear it for such a long time.

The large calendar is a very popular way of displaying dates. It uses the turntables of adjacent or overlapping devices to display the date in a larger date display window. This well-designed display mode makes reading the date fast and easy.

The watch is equipped with a Powermatic-80 hour long-power movement, and its new hairspring is made of Nivachron™ alloy material. This innovative research and development material is more anti-magnetic. This Swiss-made hairspring uses a titanium base,fake watches so it can better withstand the effects of temperature changes and has strong shock resistance.

The round dial is reminiscent of classic watches from the 1960s. The specially created "gradient" effect and sun pattern further bring out the high-grade green of the dial, highlighting the profound and timeless style. The large date display window at 6 o'clock, the exquisite wedge-shaped faceted hour markers, and the slender hands ensure the excellent readability of this watch.