The perfect replica watches Dial frosted enamel

Art crafts: a high-sounding name for itself, but what does it mean? To understand its importance, it is enough to think of a series of things: that is the name of the masteries that lie behind each unique piece - so behind each of the most precious and rare watches made - and that there are very few maisons able to boast this kind of know-how. Moving from the abstract to the concrete replica Rolex watches, to understand the scope of the art professions, it is enough to analyze the new Les Cabinotiers Tourbillon 14 Days by replica Vacheron Constantin. To realize it - precisely - the only fashion house that can boast over 260 years of uninterrupted activity (it was founded in 1755).

This watch, produced in a single copy, is the fruit of the work of the Les Cabonotiers department - the most exclusive of the maison - which has chosen to combine elements of high watchmaking technique with artisan crafts such as enamelling and engraving. To animate it, in fact, a mechanical hand-wound movement with a Maltese cross-shaped tourbillon cage (symbol of Vacheron) associated with a 14-day power reserve. A "powerful" replica watch, therefore, like the lion it represents, but which, just like the feline, combines elegant workmanship resulting from a particularly delicate savoir-faire such as the hand engraving on the caseback and the case back of the 42 mm gold case .

The dial, on the other hand, is coated with grisaille enamel replica Tag Heuer, a technique which consists in coating a gold plate with a homogeneous dark brown layer and, after baking in the application of a rare type of white Grand Feu enamel - known as "Blanc de Limoges" - to give the material subtle shades of gray, brown and white, thus creating chiaroscuro effects.