Replica Watches-Comes with sapphire crystal, stainless steel case and bracelet

On the one hand we find Giovanni Gastel, artist and legend of creative photography, who in the 1980s was able to revolutionize the concept of photo product, introducing irony and surrealism against the banality of realistic shots on a white background. And thus helping to clear a new poetic of the imagination linked to fashion. On the other hand, the rival Toni Thorimbert, who in the same years established himself with a harsh cut of reportage realism, later evolving in a lifestyle key to define a new way of conceiving portrait and advertising in the fashion world replica franck Muller watches, faced with a typical analysis of inquiry services.

The one proposed by Edifice, the Casio men's sports chronograph brand, is therefore a real triathlon of photography, involving track cycling, Formula 1 and archery, to represent speed, technology and the precision that has always been an integral part of the brand. The protagonists of this project, christened for the occasion «Masters Back to Back», are the two masters of tricolor photography, Gastel and Thorimbert, who on the occasion of the presentation of the new 2019 Edifice collections have decided to compare themselves in a fascinating series of artistic shots.

The two photographers were thus confronted with target shots in the archery, Formula One and track cycling sports disciplines, immortalizing the new Edifice collections in an original and unconventional way during a tour of Italy which included the headquarters of the Scuderia Toro Rosso in Faenza the Maspes-Vigorelli velodrome, the historic sports facility of the city of Milan dedicated to track cycling and today also to American football. "Watches measure time, as the art of shooting tries to do in some way," said Giovanni Gastel. - Capturing a clock is perhaps an extreme manifestation of the great paradox of photography, which tries to stop the hands without really succeeding ". "Giovanni and I come from worlds and paths almost to opposites," said Toni Thorimbert. - He has always put us in touch, however, with an all-encompassing dedication to leave a mark and make a difference Fake Hublot. With this back-to-back project I can say that we have had the opportunity to tell both our differences and the things that make us similar ».

Through the shots of this encounter-clash between the two masters, therefore, it is also possible to discover the new Edifice collections, starting from the Super Slim line, an absolute novelty of the brand, which presents three new models inspired by the simple and sporty design of cars high tech. And above all, they propose a new case of only 8.9 mm thick, 30% less than the previous models. Particularly the reflectors are pointed on the EFR-S107D, a classic only time with a modern design calendar, equipped with sapphire crystal and stainless steel case and bracelet.