The replica watches production chain is internally controlled

Every fake Rolex has a story, feel this. If the Eighties were those of pursuit to perfection at all costs, our age sees instead in the particularity, if not in the defect, what makes it unique, and therefore of particular value. It was the enhancement of his vitiligo, for example, that made the top Winnie Harlow famous, as well as the space between the incisors of Georgia May Jagger to make it the unmistakable sign.

And it is a defect to also create the new object of desire in the fake Rolex house. This is reported by the website which publishes images of an Oyster Perpetual Air-King 116900 with a very special dial.

Found the error? Yes: instead of the number 3 the number 9 is repeated. How this could have happened remains a mystery: the margin of error was higher in the first half of the last century, when some components were made externally, but in modern timepieces this feature it is almost unique: just think that the production chain of the watches in the crown house is so internally controlled, that it is Rolex itself that produces even the lubricating oils that go inside the gears ... Yet it is precisely this apparent defect that makes of this replica panerai watches unique piece with a much higher potential value in case someone decides to sell it at the auction. "Dials with these errors - underlines Paul Boutros, head of the watch division of Phillips auction house in America - are quite rare and the fact that this defect immediately catches the eye makes this replica watch a great attraction for collectors".

Who knows if among the possible buyers we would also find the artist Wes Lang who replica Breitling colt, at the beginning of this year, on GQ had just pronounced his declaration of love towards the fake Rolex Air-King stating: «The bold logo, the hand of the green seconds, the numbers 3-6-9 in white gold and the characters with which the model name is marked on the dial make this replica watch "fucking" funny ".